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Bee Mascot Style #1

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We have several styles of bee mascots. This is Bee Mascot Style #1. We are currently working on the clip art sets for this style of Bee Mascot. Please refer to the Star Mascot samples below to see the poses that will be included in each clip art set. We'll have these done soon. Stay tuned!


Clip Art

Bee Clip Art Cartoon School Mascot

Bee Mascot Behavior Clip Art

Rules Posters

Bee Rules Posters

The bee can be used in all your rules/expectation posters and banners as a role model to visually demonstrate what positive behaviors look like in different parts of your school.


Bee Banner PBIS Schools

Let us design and print a custom banner for you. Tell us what you want and our talented designers will do the rest.

Coloring Sheets

PBIS Coloring Sheets

Coloring sheets do not include rules so you can have students write them in as a learning activitity. Get coloring sheets for every area of your school - to match your rules posters.

Gotcha Rewards

Gotcha Rewards Bee Mascot

Use Bee Bucks to rewards students for positive behavior. Download this free pdf template and make photocopies; then trim them down. 6 to a sheet.


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