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Hornet Mascot

Clip Art - Cartoon

Finally! - You can get a hornet that doesn't look like he's about sting you! This kid-friendly hornet comes in two clip art sets; both with 40 illustrations. The Standard Clip Art Set features the hornet doing activities related to school, sports and the holidays. The Behavior Clip Art Set features the hornet demonstrating positive behaviors. We can also change the colors of this hornet to match your school colors. Just ask!

Hornet Mascot Clip Art School

Clip Art - Graphic

The hornet mascot comes in a graphic-style clip art set with 51 illustrations. We customized these images with your school colors, school name and whatever you want to call your mascot: hornet, yellowjacket, bee or wasp. We are also glad to design posters, banners, signs and other products using your logo. Please see our PBIS Roll Out Kits for available products.

Hornet Mascot Clip Art Set

Hornet Mascot Clip Art Set


Friendly Bee Hornet Mascot Costumes

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Bee Hornet Mascot Costume

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