Positive Behavior Clip Art

Positive Behavior Clip Art

These clip art illustrations show what positive behavior looks like in a school setting. Use the positive behavior clip art to reinforce your school’s PBIS program and create a new, engaging school climate. The sample features the star mascot, but the same illustrations are also available featuring any of our 45 popular school mascots.

Clipart Illustrations of Good Behavior in Schools

These clipart images can be used to teach students about respect, diversity, anti-bullying, safety, kindness, organization, leadership, integrity and an array of behaviors often targeted in PBIS programs. Use the illustrations to create a positive school climate.

We do custom illustrations of your mascot demonstrating the positive behaviors you want to support your PBIS program. Here are 56 samples featuring our cougar mascot.

Positive Behavior Clipart for: Respect, Polite, Manners, Patience, Courtesy, Consideration

Positive Behavior Clip Art Expectations Respect Polite Patient Manners

Positive behavior expectations include respect, politeness, manners, consideration, courtesy and patience are illustrated by three cougars standing in a row with their hands clasped behind their backs; holding hula hoops around their waists so they respect each others’ personal space; by waiting their turn to raise their hand to answer a question; and by putting a soccer ball away in the proper place.

Caring, Compassion, Kindness, Helpful, Friendly, Thoughtful, Empathy

behavior clip art Caring Compassion Kind Helping Friendly

Behavior expectations include caring, compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy, being friendly and helping someone out of consideration are demonstrated by the cougar giving a younger one a toy ball; by consoling a sad friend; holding his hands in a heart shape; and by helping someone carry a large stack of books through a doorway.

Dependable, Trustworthy, Reliable, Timely, Punctual, Faithful

Behavior clip art Dependable Trustworthy

Dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, timeliness, punctuality are represented by the cougar holding a check list on a clip board; checking the time on his watch; and by doing a trust fall with someone else.

Determination, Perseverance, Work Ethic, Focus, Decisive

Behavior clip art Determination Perserverance Work Ethic

Determination, perseverance, work ethic, focus and decisiveness are represented by the cougar running across a finish line while wearing a graduation cap; by rolling up his sleeves like Rosie the Riveter, and by enthusiastically raising his hand upon finding an answer inside a book.

Excellence, Achievement

behavior clip art excellence illustrations

Excellence and achievement are shown by the cougar giving a big thumbs up, with a bright, smiling sun behind him, doing the same thing; by coming out of a star bangled emblem with his pointer finger up, as if to say “number one,” and by leaning confidently against a bright yellow star.

Gratitude, Sharing, Generosity, Appreciation, Humility

Behavior Clip Art Gratitude Sharing Generosity in schools

Gratitude, sharing, appreciation, humility and generosity are portrayed by showing the character giving someone a “thank you” gift; by shaking someone’s hand; and by sharing pizza with others.

Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, Trustworthy

Integrity in schools Behavior Clip Art

Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and fairness are demonstrated in these clipart images showing the character taking a vow, with his hand over his heart; by picking up trash and throwing it away, even though no one else is looking; and by bringing attention to the fact that he broke something valuable (a computer), and he’s taking responsibility for it.


Behavior Clip Art Leadership in schools

Leadership is represented by the character holding hands, high above their heads, with four others; by the character waving to others to follow his lead; and with a dynamic image of the cougar surfing on a red arrow, pointing forward towards a goal or destination.

Loyalty, Dedication

Demonstrate loyalty Behavior Clip Art Images

Loyalty and dedication are demonstrated in these three clipart images of a character by showing two of them leaning together, back to back; by two mascots chumming around with their arms around each other, and by three interlocking their arms together.

Pride, Spirit, Enthusiasm, Passion

Pride Spirit Enthusiasm Clip Art Behavior Clip Art Graphics

Pride, spirit, passion and enthusiasm are portrayed in this clipart by showing the character high fiving another, running with a flag, and with the character in an emblem, or graphic, with the word pride across the front.

Organization, Structure, Discipline, System, Methodical

Behavior Clip Art Organization Structure Discipline Neatness Visual Examples

Organization, structure, discipline, systematic, methodical and discipline are represented in this clipart of a cougar working on an organizational chart, putting files in cabinet, and organizing paperwork in a folder, on a desk.

Proactive, Planning, Foresight, Insight, Action,

Behavior Clip Art Proactive planning PBIS Theme

Proactive, foresight, insightful, action, and planning is portrayed in this clip art showing the mascot reading a map, gazing into a crystal ball to see the future, standing on a calendar, looking to the future and seeing a bus, that represents a field trip, or some other type of school activity several days away; and one cougar warning another who is about to step into a water puddle.

Resourceful, Innovation, Creative, Imagination

Resourceful Innovative PBIS Behavior Clip Art

Resourcefulness, innovation, creativity and innovation are represented by the character having a bright idea, and a light bulb turning on over his head; by pulling a rabbit out of a magician’s hat, and by inventing an elaborate Rube Goldberg device for getting toothpaste out of the tube.

Responsible, Reliable

Student Responsibility Behavior Clip Art

Responsibility and reliability reinforced in these clipart images by showing the character taking care of a pet, volunteering to do a task, and by washing his hands in a restroom

Safety, Caution, Careful

School safety behavior clip art

Safety, caution and being careful are portrayed in this clipart set with illustrations of characterss standing in line orderly during a fire drill, by sitting nicely on a bus and respecting each others space and belongings; by calling 911 and by being careful when crossing the street.


Good Sportsmanship Behavior Clip Art

Sportsmanship is demonstrated in this clipart by the cougar high fiving a bobcat, holding hands up victoriously with a bobcat, and by handing a trophy to a bulldog.




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