Tiger Cub Mascot

PBIS Posters Tiger Cub Mascot Clip Art

Use the tiger cub mascot as a role model to demonstrate positive behavior and character traits for your school. He comes in two clip art sets and a wide array of posters, banners, signs, t-shirts and other products to help you create a positive learning climate that is fun and engaging. Learn more about how you can use the tiger cub to create a mascot-centric climate for your school.

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Clip Art

Tiger Cub Clipart

The standard tiger cub mascot clipart set features 50 illustrations of the tiger cub doing school related activities, and is ideal for yearbook design, bulletins, Web sites and virtually any type of school related communication.

Positive Behavior Clipart Tiger Cub

This Behavior Clipart set features 40 illustrations of the tiger cub mascot demonstrating positive behavior, or character traits, such as respect, responsibility, safety and more. Use it to reinforce your PBIS or similar character trait education program.


Tiger Cub Cash Reward

Print your own mascot money using our template (pdf). Download your FREE template and get started today!


Use 45 Award Certificate templates (Powerpoint) to reward students for everything from honor roll, to perfect attendance, demonstrating respect and a wide array of positive behaviors. Click the image to learn more, or see our catalog.


Teach students how to be responsible with money, and learn organizational skills with a Gotcha Reward Wallet Pack. Each Pack includes three wallet designs, and five gotcha reward (mascot money) templates - one for each of the denominations: $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50.

Gotcha Reward Wallet PBI

Use this Gotcha Reward Wallet to teach kids how to manage money and be responsible.

Rules Posters

Rules posters are customized with YOUR rules, YOUR school colors, and YOUR school mascot. Get rules posters for any part of your school: restrooms, hallway, cafeteria, classroom, assemblies, library, computer lab, pick-up/drop-of area and more.

Voice Levels

Voice Levels Poster Tiger


Welcome Banner Tiger Cub


Pledge posters can be customized with whatever you want them to say.
Pledge Poster Tiger Cubs


Tiger Cub Calendar

Use this dry-erase calendar over and over again throughout the school year.

Sidewalk Signs

A-Frame Sidewalk Sign Tiger Cub

Use these versatile signs to welcome guest during special events, and for posting safety rules in the pick-up- and drop-off area of your school.

Hallway Signs

Hallway Street Signs Tiger Cub

Hallway street signs are fully customized with YOUR words, YOUR school colors and YOUR mascot.

Clip Charts

Clip Charts PBIS Tiger Cub Mascot

Use this clip chart as is, or have us customize it for your school.


We custom design and print t-shirts using the same tiger cub mascot so your t-shirts match your posters, banners and everything else. Consistency is critical when branding your school and creating an engaging climate or culture.
Tiger T-shirt Design


Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

Option 1. Message us for a quote.

Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

Option 2. Message us for a quote.

Friendly Tiger Mascot Costume

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Tiger Cub Mascot Costume

Option 2. Message us for a quote