Month: January 2017

PBIS Catalogs – 2017

Click to download our new PBIS Roll Out Kit Catalogs for 2017.

PBIS Catalog Cat MascotsPBIS Catalog Bird Mascots

PBIS Roll Out Kits make launching your positive behavior program fast, easy and engaging. Our posters and banners help you meet the requirements for posting your rules in 8 of 10 areas throughout the school. Our pledge posters make it easy for students to recall and recite your motto, or slogan, so they can pass the survey testing requirements for program recall.

Everything is designed around your school mascot to make your PBIS program more fun and engaging. The kits include clip art images, award certificates, gotcha rewards, photo recognition marquees, hallway street signs, calendars, temporary tattoos and even mascot costumes. Our Big Cat catalog showcases products featuring lions, tigers, cougars, wildcats and other members of the big cat mascot family. Our Birds Catalog features eagles, falcons, hawk, blue jays, cardinal and virtually every type of bird that can be used asĀ  mascot – from sand pipers to penguins.

Visit our Catalog Page for more catalogs showcasing stars, cubs, wolves, bulldogs and more! We have more than 70 kid-friendly mascots in our library. Each comes with 80 illustrations in its clip art sets. Many of the illustrations are designed specifically to demonstrate positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety and others.