FREE Starter Kits

Free PBIS Starter Kit

Use your mascot to create a highly engaging school culture with these free downloadable teaching tools.

Clip Art Image. You get one high resolution illustration of your mascot that comes with a clear background and is easy to use with popular programs from Microsoft, Google and Adobe.

Your Mascot's Story. This touching short story helps your use your mascot to create a school culture that is highly engaging, inclusive and supportive.

Photo Recognition Marquee. This Powerpoint Template allows you to place a student's photo in the space allotted, type in their name, and what they are recognized for, and then print it out.

Matrix Templates. A great starting place for schools looking to launch a PBIS program. These editable Word docs features 6 popular acronyms/themes, and short, concise language professionally written and expressed in a positive way. Edit these docs to make them perfect for your school's unique needs.

Mascot Money/Gotcha Rewards. This editable Powerpoint Template allows you to customize each dollar bill with your school name, the name of the money, and your targeted positive behaviors. You also get denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50.

Foldable Wallets. Print these out, fold them, and give them to your students as a place to keep and organize their Gotcha Rewards. Have students color and customize their wallets.

Coloring/Activity Sheets. Reinforce your PBIS Rules & Expectations for the different areas of your school with these activity sheets. There's one for each of the 14 areas in your school. Each sheet features a colorable illustration of your mascot visually demonstrating positive behavior suitable for that area, along with a place for the student to write in the rules/expectations for that area.