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Eagle Mascot Clipart Set 3

Eagle 3 Mascot Clipart Set 3

Using the Eagle mascot as your "keeper of the culture" is a very effective way to create a strong sense of community and citizenship. Every student is an Eagle. Every Eagle has Eagle friends. There are Eagle rules, and an Eagle way of doing things. So, when a student has to make a decision, all they have to do is think of what an Eagle would do, and they'll make a good choice, get a good result and end up having a good time.

Eagle Mascot Clipart Images come in high and low resolution, png format. These illustrations come with a clear background are easily used with popular software from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Google. Simply place, or insert, the clipart illustrations like you would any other type of photographic image.

Eagle Logos

These logos are customized with your school name and colors. These logos are used on posters, banners, signs and other products in our Roll Out Kits.

Graphic Clipart


For schools with older students we also offer graphic style mascots or choose from 3 different styles of eagle mascots. Each has their own 80-pose clip art set and are used in PBIS Roll Out Kits to make banners, signs and posters. Style 2 and 3 eagles can be customized for an additional cost and come with a custom colored shirt or sweater, and we can put your school logo (logo must be provided in vector) or initials on his chest - in ALL 80 clip art illustrations.

agle Mascot Clip Art PBIS

Graphic Logos

For older students, these logos are customized with your school name and colors. These logos are used on posters, banners, signs and other products in our Roll Out Kits.

Eagle Costumes

Eagle - Option 1

Eagle - Option 2

Eagle - Option3

Eagle - Option 4


About Our Costumes

Safety is a key consideration when buying a costume. Many of the cheap import products have poor visibility - the person inside can't see out very well, and it creates a safety issue. You don't want the wearer to trip, or run into someone, and cause an accident where someone gets hurt.

Our costumes are high quality, American made, and each includes a battery-operated cooling fan inside the head, and vision panels are designed to optimize the wearer's ability to see clearly. Replacement parts (feet, etc.) are available, and repairs can be made, unlike the imported costumes.

Sizing: Mascot costumes are designed to be one size-fits-most for adults ranging from 5’4” to 6’2” and chest size up to 60”. Other sizes can be specially ordered. Costumes are not made to be worn by children. All mascots are manufactured and intended for adult use.

Caring for your costume: Downloadable PDF

Contact us at info@mascotjunction.com for availability and pricing of mascot costumes.Save



Custom Colored
Costumes can be custom colored. Please let us know that you are interested in a custom colored costume when requesting a quote.
Additional fees apply.


Costume Accessories
We offer an array of accessories including a carrying case, parade feet (outdoor) and extra cooling accessories.

Accessories Cold Pack

Accessories - Cold Combo Pack

Mascot Tote

Accessories - Parade Feet

Design Options

Photo Fun!
Stickers: Wall/Floor
Stickers: Stairs
Sensory Paths
Window Perfs
Floor Mats
Health & Safety