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The STANDARD Clipart Bundle for the kangaroo includes 48 illustrations of him doing school related activities. These images are great for yearbook design, bulletins, worksheets, newsletters, Web sites and all types of school communications. You get both high resolution (vector) and low resolution (png) versions of each clip art image. If you need a custom illustration of the kangaroo, we're glad to oblige.

Positive Behavior Clip Art Collections are designed around specific words commonly used in PBIS themes, or acronyms. You get 3-to-5 illustrations in each collection. Buy the clip art collections that correspond with the words in your theme to meet PBIS guidelines of using 3 or more visual examples of how your behavior expectations looks in a school setting. We are currently developing the art for the Kangaroo Positive Behavior Clipart Collections. To see samples of all the illustrations, please visit our Positive Behavior Clip art page by clicking here.

What does excellence look like in schools

The Kangaroo is currently in progress. Here is an example of the Cougar Excellence collection. Any pose is possible!


Friendly Kangaroo Mascot Costume

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Friendly Kangaroo Mascot Costume

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