Mascot Junction

PBIS Posters, Signs, Clip Art, T-shirts


Copyright & Trademark:

Because our products are trademarked and copyrighted, we can not, by law, permit the duplication or copying of our hard products (posters, banners, signs, t-shirts, etc.). Our soft products (clip art, gotcha rewards, photo recognition templates, activity sheets, etc.) come with a royalty free license which DOES allow for duplication, but only for the school that purchases the related items.

Design Fees:

We put forth a tremendous effort into providing designs that are unparalleled, and our design fees cover only a fraction of our real cost. It would cause an unsustainable financial hardship for us to waive our design fees. We hope to recapture the remainder of our costs through sales of hard goods and repeat sales, and hope our customers appreciate the talent, dedication and discipline that goes into each customized design.