Super Hero Mascot

If you use a super hero in any of your school's themes, you'll love our new hero clip art sets. We customize all 88 illustrations of the super hero so his uniform matches your school colors and he has either your school logo or initials on his chest. It's a super way to engage kids and get them on board with your messaging.

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Custom Heros

Choose from two clip art sets. The Standard Clip Art Set includes 47 illustrations of your super hero participating in activities related to school, sports and holidays. The Behavior Clip Art Set has 49 illustrations of your super hero demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety and more!

Hero Mascot Clip Art Standard Set

Hero Mascot Clip Art Behavior Set

Clip Charts

PBIS Clip Charts

PBIS Clip Charts from Mascot Junction are customized for each school with the school mascot, colors and words.


Hero Superhero Mascot Costume

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