Character Traits Pillar Posters

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Character traits pillar posters are custom designed for schools that use a pillar theme to teach students about positive character traits such as, respect, responsibility, trustworthy, fairness, citizenship, caring, integrity, honesty. We customized these posters with YOUR school mascot, and whatever traits your school focuses on. Whether you have 6, 8 or 10 traits, we can work them all into poster designs, and then give you individual poster designs for each specific character trait. It’s all part of our mascot-centricâ„¢ climate creation system, that gives you a way to use your school mascot as a role model to visually demonstrate the character traits in your program. Each poster features an illustration of your mascot demonstrating what the character trait looks like in a school setting, or situation. Since students self-identify with their mascot, and they are part of the tiger community (or other mascot), the emotional incentives for being part of the group, and succeeding inside the community are very strong. These posters help them learn, and remember, the character traits, but also teach them valuable social skills that can help them navigate through life with greater ease and success.

Character Trait Pillars Poster

This character trait pillar poster is customized with your school mascot and whatever character traits you teach in your school.

Teaching Character Traits in school

This school has 10 character traits they teach to their students, so we designed a poster that featured 10 pillars, one for each trait, and placed their tiger mascot on top, in a reclining position.




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