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Cartoon Aligator Clip Art

The standard clip art collection features 48 clip art images of the gator doing activities related to school, sports and holidays. The behavior clip art collection (coming soon) will have 40 clip art images of the gator demonstrating positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, safety and tolerance.


Respecting Teachers

Respecting teachers and other authority figures are the subject matter of our behavior clip art collections. Here the gator mascot is listening respectfully to a teacher instructing him how to make good decisions.


Gator Gotcha Reward

Use this template to print your own gator bucks and use them to reward students for showing positive character traits.

Use 45 Award Certificate templates (Powerpoint) to reward students for everything from honor roll, to perfect attendance, demonstrating respect and a wide array of positive behaviors. Click the image to learn more, or see our catalog.

Photo Award Gator

Small Marquees are letter-sized PowerPoint templates, so you can easily customize it with a student photo and details of what the recognition is for, then print it out.

Photo Marquee Poster Knight

Large Marquees are 24" x 30" posters that have an open space for an 8"x 10" student photo and features your school mascot. We print and laminate these for you, and deliver straight to your doorstep. Use a dry-erase marker to write the student's name and other details.


This gator mascot has its own Climate Creation Kit that includes posters, banners, hallway street signs, recognition rewards and other tools for building a positive school culture around your character trait education program. Below are just a few samples. Everything is customized for your school.

Character Ed Poster Gator

Welcome your students with a friendly message from your gator mascot. Tell them about the benefits of being part of the gator community, and how to make good decisions.


Customizable Gator PRIDE Banner with Children


Gotcha Reward Wallet PBI

Use this Gotcha Reward Wallet to teach kids how to manage money and be responsible.



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