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Use this Koala clipart set to teach positive behavior as part of your PBIS program. This clip art set features 47 illustrations of the Koala doing school related activities.

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The STANDARD Clipart Bundle for the koala features 47 illustrations of the ram doing school related activities. These images are great for yearbook design, bulletins, worksheets, newsletters, Web sites and all types of school communications. You get both high resolution (vector) and low resolution (png) versions of each image. If you need a custom illustration of the leopard, we're glad to oblige.


Behavior Clip Art is for schools with PBIS or character trait education programs. Each illustration features the koala demonstrating behaviors such as respect, tolerance, sportsmanship, kindness and compassion. Use these illustrations to reinforce the core teachings of your PBIS program.


Friendly Koala Mascot Costume

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