Month: October 2016

R is for Respect

When you try teach students that “R is for Respect”, it helps to have visual examples of what respect looks like in a school setting. That’s what we do. We bring your PBIS or character education theme to life with posters, banners, signs and clip art. Our Roll Out Kits give you tools for transforming your school climate into a mascot-centric culture, where it really means something special to be a bobcat, lion, eagle, or whatever your mascot is. Being a bobcat is very visual, simple and engaging. The social incentives for being accepted and successful inside the community are very powerful. They give educators a powerful tool for shaping student behavior and character development.

R is for Respect

Each of our 60 kid-friendly mascots come with 80 clipart illustrations. Many images depict positive behavior and character traits such as respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship and others.

Children walk into school carrying their bag of tricks. We all have a bag of tricks. It’s where we keep our decision-making tools. As a child, the bag is not very full, and may even contain some bad ideas picked up on the street, TV, social media or even from home. What we do is help educators pre-load student’s bag of tricks with good solutions that will lead them down the path of success and good citizenship.

We encourage the children to ask “what would a bobcat do?” and then we fill the school with visual examples of their bobcat mascot demonstrating positive behavior and character traits. Whether it’s an bobcat, lion, tiger or any other mascot, our Roll Out Kits give educators the tools they need to create an engaging school climate where “every day is a GREAT day to be a bobcat,” or lion or… you get the idea.