Month: October 2016

Be Respectful Posters

Our be respectful posters feature your school mascot demonstrating the many different ways to be respectful, along with his side-kick, the bee. Our posters show your mascot being respectful to a teacher, police officer, fire fighter, crossing guard and bus driver. Other posters show how to respect property, other students, your heath and how to be a good sport.

Respect Posters School

These be respectful posters feature an eagle mascot demonstrating what respect looks like in a school setting. Each poster is customized with the school’s mascot.

The reason we use both the bee and school mascot is because each plays an important role. The bee is simply a literary tool to reinforce the theme. The school mascot plays a much larger role. That is why he is featured as the primary role model. Children self-identify with their school mascot. They ARE and eagle. They ACT like an eagle. They IMMITATE the eagle mascot.

It’s all part of what we call a mascot-centric school climate. Using the mascot as the role model for positive behavior or character education works. The emotional incentives for enjoying social success as part of the mascot’s community are very powerful. And building the community around the mascot makes it very visual, simple and engaging. Students have eagle friends and are part of an eagle community. They have eagle rules and have an eagle way of doing things. When it comes times for them to make a decision, they can think of what an eagle would do, and they’ll make a good decision, get good results, and have a good time.

It’s seems simple, and it is, but that’s why it’s so effective. And now it’s easier than ever because we’ve developed Roll Out Kits to help schools transform their climate into a mascot-centric climate with greater ease and effectiveness. We have kits for more than 60 mascots. Each one includes posters, banners, signs, clipart, activity sheets and other teaching aids designed around your school mascot. Everything is customized for your school, integrating your PBIS or character education theme, school colors and details about your program.

One of the most popular items in our kits are the Expectation Posters. These outline the behavioral expectations for different parts of the school, and feature an illustration of the mascot showing what that desired behavior looks like. For example, for restrooms we have posters featuring the mascot washing his hands.

Learn more about mascot-centric school climate transformation, and our Roll Out Kits by exploring our site.