About You

Do we have this right?
You’re an educator – doing the most important job on the face of the planet. The weight of the world is on your shoulders, and the future of mankind is in your hands. You’re pulled in a lot of directions, and it’s hard to find time to do everything. Money is tight.

You need help – NOT more to do! That’s where we come in. We strive to make your job a lot easier by providing PBIS Roll Out Kits that make launching your PBIS program fast, easy and engaging.

PBIS Teacher

Our catalogs are a great place to start when searching for ideas. Everything is designed around your mascot and customized with info related to your PBIS program. We provide you with a helpful planning guide, but if you just want to send us your wish list, we’ll be glad to roll the numbers and give you a custom quote. We also provide convenient bundles priced at $999, $1,999, $2,999, $3,999 and $4,999 – one for virtually any budget! And if you want something a little extra to add to one of the bundles, all of our products are available a-la-carte too.

Unlike local print shops who commonly use untrained labor to do “design” work, we employ professional designers with Bachelor Degrees, that have more than 75 years of combined design experience. Our designs make the difference, and it’s what will make people say “wow” when you roll out your PBIS program. You get to work directly with our designers to ensure you get exactly what you want. You get to review and revise proofs, and nothing is printed until you are 100% satisfied and we hear the magic word “approved.”

If money is an issue, ask about our Grant Services. In many cases, there local private foundations that are just looking for ways to help local schools. We can help you tap into this great source of funds (non-government), and make it easy. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get grant money (because no one can), but we’ll do our best to get you what you need.

Get started fast with our FREE products. Download free Gotcha Reward Templates so you can print your own mascot money to reward students for their positive behavior. If you are just in the planning stage of your program, download our free matrix samples. These word documents are editable so you can customize them for your school. We have matrix documents for a variety of PBIS themes including ROAR, SOAR, PRIDE and PAWS. The copy/expectations is carefully crafted to include the most commonly used positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety and others.

Benefits of a Mascot-Centric Climate/Culture
When you integrate your mascot into your PBIS program, and use it as a role model to visually demonstrate positive behavior, you’re making your messages much more fun and engaging. In fact, there is sound psychological science behind the methodology. The instant a child utters the words “I am an eagle” (other other mascot), they are stating an affirmation that actually changes their self-image. This is important because it is human nature to act consistently with one’s self-image. The emotional incentives for enjoying success as part of the eagle community are incredibly powerful. And the lessons come to life in a very visual and engaging way. It’s easier for a child to understand “eagle rules” than it is to comprehend a big word like “expectations” because “eagle” gives them a visual reference point that they relate to. Everyone has eagle friends and are part of the eagle community. There are eagle rules and an eagle way of doing things. There is an eagle pledge and eagle examples shown throughout the school in the form of posters, banners, signs, t-shirts and more. It’s very cohesive, consistent and effective. So make every day a great day to be an eagle!… or whatever your mascot is. Start today, and let us help.

Thank you for all you do!

Dave Thompson, President, Chief Bottle Washer and Lead Artist