Author: datcoart

Use Your Mascot To Teach Positive Behavior

Using your school mascot to teach positive behavior makes a lot of sense. Children readily embrace being part of the mascot’s community. They self-identify as a lion, eagle, bulldog, or whatever your school mascot is. The emotional incentives for belonging to the community, and enjoying social success as part of the group, is fertile grounds for educators.

Teach positive behavior with your mascot

Use your school mascot as a role model to demonstrate positive behavior and character traits.

Mascot Junction helps you create a mascot centric school climate, where there is a lion community, lion rules, and a lion way of doing things. Our PBIS Roll Out Kits include clip art collections, posters, banners, signs, gotcha rewards and other visual aids. Each is customized with your school mascot – drawn in a kid-friendly style; and the details of your PBIS program. Everything is derived from your matrix. We create rules posters that show students the expected behavior for different parts of the school. Welcome banners tell students what it means to be part of the community and how to make good decisions. Learn more about everything included in our PBIS Roll Out Kits by download a catalog.