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Expectation Posters

Use expectation posters to reinforce your character education program. Each poster lists the rules for different parts of the school along with a picture of your school mascot demonstrating the positive behavior. We customize these posters with your rules, or expectations, school name, colors and your school mascot.

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Expectations posters feature examples of what character looks like in different parts of the school. Each poster is customized with your mascot, school colors, and expectations from your program

We have more than 60 kid-friendly school mascots in our illustration library. Each comes in its own clipart set, with more than 80 illustrations. Many of the images depict character traits or positive behavior. Other illustrations represent everyday school life, the holidays and sports. These mascot clipart sets are an excellent tool for creating an engaging community where it means something very special to be a lion, tiger or bear.

Our expectation posters are just part of Mascot Junction’s Roll Out Kits for character education. Kits include clipart, posters, banners, recognition rewards, activity sheets, signs, t-shirts and other visual aids design to create an engaging school climate around your mascot.

When you build a community around your mascot, you are creating a very engaging school climate filled with emotional incentives for belonging and enjoying success within the group. By packaging everything around the mascot, it becomes very visual, and easy to comprehend for the student. There are lion rules; a lion code of conduct. Everyone has lion friends and is part of the lion community. Lions treat each other with respect. Lions are responsible. Lions are safe. When it comes time to make a decision, students should be instructed to think of what a lion would do. Then they will be more likely to make a good decision and get good results.

Fill your school with visual examples of the lion demonstrating character in a school setting, and you’re setting your students up for success. When they reach into their “bag of tricks” to make a decision, they are more likely to pull out a sample they’ve seen.

Control the lion – control the child… the instant a child utters the words “I am a lion,” a part of their self-image is changed. They ARE a lion, in their own mind. This gives educators a powerful tool for influencing their behavior and shaping their character because it is human nature to act consistently with one’s self-image. If a lion is respectful, and I am a lion, then I am respectful. It’s simple association in terms a child can readily understand, and served up in a way that is very appealing.

Learn more about creating a mascot-centric school climate, and how it can act as a catalyst to your school’s character education program by exploring our site.