Crowns / Royals

Some schools don't have mascots, but have something like a crown or other symbol for their school. Such was the case for AVCAS. We designed an entire PBIS Roll Out Kit around their crown theme by putting their purple crown on all the students featured in the rules posters.

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Rules 2

Hall Rules Posters

Reinforce how students should behave when in the hallway.

Class Room Rules Posters

Reinforce proper behavior in the classroom with posters like this.

Expectations Community Poster

Teach students how to be responsible members of their community.

PE Expectations Poster

Reinforce good sportsmanship in gym class.

Clinic Behavior Expectations

Teach students how to behave in the office

Cafeteria Rules Posters

Reinforce positive behavior in the cafeteria.

Bus behavior expectations

Teach character traits education on your school buses.