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Falcon/Hawk Mascot – Gray/Silver

PBIS Posters Falcon/Hawk Gray Mascot Clip Art

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Standard Clipart

This falcon/hawk mascot is gray or silver, and comes in 52 illustration clipart set. We are currently working on the behavior clipart set illustrations, and other products to be included in his PBIS Roll Out Kit. To see everything that will be included, see the Eagle Mascot page.

Hawk Clipart Illustrations

This clipart set features a falcon, or hawk that is gray or silver, for schools that use those colors. These illustrations portray school, sport and holiday activities. The behavior clipart set is under construction, and features illustrations of the hawk demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety, kindness, tolerance, anti-bullying and more.


Hawk Reward Bucks

Reward positive behavior by giving students hawk bucks whenever they demonstrate desired behavior.

Rules 1

Hawk PBIS Rules Posters

Have us customized these ten PBIS Rules Posters with details from your PBIS program.


Teach students how to be responsible with money, and learn organizational skills with a Gotcha Reward Wallet Pack. Each Pack includes three wallet designs, and five gotcha reward (mascot money) templates - one for each of the denominations: $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50. Wallets and dollar bills feature your school mascot, and are set up for convenient printing on letter-sized sheets of paper. The wallets are designed to be colored and customized. The student writes their name in a space on the outside of the wallet. On the inside, there is room for them to fill out an identity card with information like their address and phone number. Six charge card spaces are allotted for writing in the behaviors of your school's PBIS program, and/or your PBIS theme or motto.

Gotcha Reward Wallet PBI

Use this Gotcha Reward Wallet to teach kids how to manage money and be responsible.