Grade/Locator Signs

Grade/Locator Signs

Grade/Locator Signs elevate the look of your hallways, and make it easier for students, visitors and staff to find their destination. These are a great options for schools with grade level hallways.

These Grade/Locator Signs are printed on glossy acrylic and are mounted using industrial strength mounting tape. Also available as wall stickers.


Modular Signs

Modular Signs are lightweight and can be mounted at the end of hallways to help students, visitors and staff find their destination. Intended to be stacked, so that each hallway can be customized depending on the number of signs needed.

Signs come preprinted in your school’s colors. Precut channel allows paper with staff information to be inserted from the sides. Inserts can be printed and changed out as needed. Templates available. Signs are mounted using industrial mounting tape.

These signs are the perfect companion to our Grade/Location signage.