Kid Friendly Mascots For Elementary Schools

Our kid friendly mascots are designed specifically for elementary schools with PBIS or character education programs. Each of our 60+ mascots comes with its own clip art set featuring the mascot as a role model visually demonstrating behaviors such as respect, responsibility, safety and much more.

kid friendly mascots
We use our mascot clip art illustrations to create posters, banners, street signs, t-shirts and other visual aids to help create an engaging school climate around your mascot. It means something very special when you tell a student “Congratulations, you are now a cougar. You have cougar friends and are part of our cougar community. We have cougar rules and a cougar way of doing things, so when it comes time to make a decision, just think of what a cougar would do, and you’ll make a good decision, get good results and have a good time.”

Our mascot-centric approach to school climate transformation gives educations a very powerful tool for influencing student behavior. The emotional incentives for belonging to a group (cougar community) are very strong and based in human nature. The concept of being a cougar is also very easy to understand and an enticing proposition to a young student.

Our Roll Out Kits make it very easy too create a highly engaging environment. Each kit included clip art sets, posters, banners, signs, t-shirts, activity sheets and more. These kits are customized with your school mascot, school colors, name and the specifics of your PBIS or character education program. Rule posters demonstrate expected behaviors for different parts of the school too. Learn more by exploring our site, downloading one of our online catalogs, or call 816-916-1377 for more information.