Welcome Posters

Find Your Mascot

These welcome posters tell students what it means to be an eagle, lion, tiger, or whatever your school mascot is. It tells them about the rules, the proper way to make decisions, and how to enjoy success as part of the eagle community.







PBIS poster

PBIS Poster Cougar

Teach students what it means to be a cougar and be part of a cougar community. This welcome poster is part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit and our system for creating a mascot-centric climate.

PBIS Poster Bobcat

Welcome students to your school's bobcat community with this PBIS poster. The bobcat mascot is used as a role model to demonstrate positive behavior in the bobcat PBIS Roll Out Kit. The kit includes posters, banners, 80 bobcat clip art illustrations, hallway street signs, t-shirts and gotcha rewards.

PBIS Bear Poster

Use your bear mascot to welcome students to your school and teach them what it means to be part of the bear community. This bear mascot poster is part of the bear's PBIS Roll Out Kit that also includes banners, clip art images, t-shirts, gotcha rewards, hallway street signs and other visual aids.


PBIS Poster Blue Jay

PBIS Bulldog

Use this PBIS poster to welcome students to your school's bulldog community. The kid-friendly bulldog mascot comes as part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit that includes clip art illustrations, rule posters, them banners, t-shirts, hallway street signs, gotcha rewards and more. Everything is customized for your school with the bulldog mascot and details pulled from your PBIS matrix.

PBIS Poster Jaguar

Make it mean something special to your students to be part of your school's jaguar community. Welcome jaguars to your school with this PBIS poster. It's part of the jaguar PBIS Roll Out Kit which also includes 80 clipart illustrations of the jaguar demonstrating positive behavior, signs, t-shirts, gotcha rewards and more.