Month: February 2017

Visit us at the APBS Conference in Denver

We’re very happy to be exhibiting at this year’s APBS Conference in Denver, on March 3rd and 4th. Come by and learn all about our new products, and how you can use your school mascot to make your PBIS program more fun, engaging and effective. We call it creating a “mascot-centric” climate – a place with a strong sense of community where it means something special to have eagle friends, eagle rules and an eagle way of doing things. No matter what your mascot is, we have a PBIS Roll Out Kits for you! Everything is customized around your matrix and PBIS theme. Explore to learn more! Find your school mascot on our list here!

Mascot PBIS Posters Clipart

PBIS Roll Out Kits feature your school mascot and are customized with details from your PBIS program. Kits include posters, banners, signs, costumes, clip art, t-shirts and virtually everything you need to make your PBIS program a big success.