Month: February 2017

Lion Mascot Rules Posters For PBIS Schools

Use these rules posters to satisfy the PBIS requirement of posting positive behavior expectations in 8 of 10 areas throughout your school. Ten different posters covers virtually every area of your school. Custom designed posters are also available to meet your school’s needs. Every poster is customized with the rules from your school’s PBIS program, and with your mascot. These posters feature our lion mascot.

PBIS Posters Lion Assembly Rules

Use this rules poster to tell your students how to behave during an assembly.

PBIS Posters Lion Restroom Rules

Teach students how to be safe, responsible and respectful in the school bathrooms with this restroom rules poster.

PBIS Posters Lion Playground Rules

Be a lion. Be safe. Be respectful. Be responsible.

PBIS Posters Lion Pick UP Rules

Teach safety in your school’s drop-off and pick-up area with this rules poster.

PBIS Posters Lion Library Rules

Put this rules poster in your library to teach students how to be safe, respectful and responsible in the library.

PBIS Posters Lion Hallway Rules

Use your school’s lion mascot to teach proper behavior in the school hallways.

PBIS Posters Lion Computer Lab Rules

Use the lion mascot to teach students how to behave properly in the computer lab.

PBIS Posters Lion Classroom Rules

Teach safety, respect and responsibility in the classroom with this rules poster.

PBIS Posters Lion Cafeteria Rules

Post this rule poster in your school cafeteria to teach students how to behave properly when in the dining area.

PBIS Posters Lion Bus Rule

Teach students about proper bus behavior with this rules poster, featuring the lion mascot.