Month: February 2017

PBIS Rules Posters featuring different school mascots

Use these PBIS rules posters to reinforce positive behavior in different parts of your school. These PBIS rules posters feature a cardinal mascot but can easily be customized to feature a different mascot. We have more than 80 mascots in our image library. Each mascot comes with 80 clip art images.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Assembly Rules

Put large PBIS posters in the gymnasium to teach students how to behave during assemblies.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Restroom Rules

Reinforce restroom rules for your school bathrooms with this PBIS Poster.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Playground Rules

Use PBIS Posters like this one to reinforce positive behavior on the playground

PBIS Posters Cardinal Pick Up Rules

Put PBIS posters around your school to reinforce rules for different areas.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Library Rules

Post PBIS rules posters in your school library to teach students how to behave properly in the library.

BIS Posters Cardinal Hallway Rules

Put PBIS Posters in the school halls to teach students how to behave in the hallways.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Computer Lab Rules

Put PBIS Posters in your school’s computer lab to reinforce behavioral expectations.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Classroom Rules

Teach respect by posting PBIS posters that show students what respect looks like in the classroom.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Cafeteria Rules

Use PBIS Posters in the cafeteria to teach students how to pick up after themselves and respect each other.

PBIS Posters Cardinal Bus Rules

Put PBIS posters in parts of the school to teach students how to behave on the bus.

Many of these images portray positive behavior and were specifically designed to support PBIS programs. We have poster designs for ten different areas including: the classroom, hallway, restroom, assemblies, bus, playground, cafeteria, pick-up and drop-off area, library and computer lab. These posters are part of a comprehensive PBIS Roll Out Kit that also includes clip art, hallway street signs, banners, t-shirts, gotcha rewards, award certificates and more. Everything in the kits is designed around your school mascot and customized to your PBIS program. By designing the kit around your mascot, you build a strong sense of community and make your PBIS program more fun, engaging and effective. Learn more – explore all our products!