How To Order


Steps To Order:

  1. Download our planning guide, and SAVE it to your hard drive.
  2. Open the PDF from your hard drive and fill it out to create your "wish list."
  3. SAVE the completed planning guide and send it to us via one of our three options:
    - Email it to us
    - Submit it using the form on this page
    - Send us a fax (816-286-1359)
  4. After you submit the completed planning guide, we’ll send you a custom quote.
  5. You generate a PO based on our quote, or prepay with a credit card or check.
  6. We send you proofs to review, revise, and approve.
  7. Upon your written approval, we print and ship to you.



Phone: 816-916-1377

Fax: 816-286-1359

Download Catalog & Price List here.

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