Eagle Wearing Sweater With Changeable Letter(s)

Eagle Wearing Sweater

Have this eagle customized with your school colors and initials. We change the color of his sweatshirt and trim, and also put your school letters on his chest in all 80 of the illustrations that come in his clip art set. Amazing! Then we use these illustrations to create posters, banners, signs, t-shirts and other items to bring your PBIS theme to life.


Clip Art

The STANDARD Clip Art Set features 40 illustrations of the eagle doing school related activities. Each image features the eagle wearing a sweat shirt / sweater customized with your school colors and your school initials.

Eagle Wearing Sweater

Eagle Sweat Shirt

Each clip art image features the eagle wearing a sweat shirt / sweater customized with your school colors and your school initials.


Get your FREE version of the Eagle Gotcha Reward by clicking here.

Eagle Bill Reward

Print your own mascot money using our template (pdf). Download your FREE template and get started today!

Eagle Award Certificate Template PBIS

Use 45 Award Certificate templates (Powerpoint) to reward students for everything from honor roll, to perfect attendance, demonstrating respect and a wide array of positive behaviors. Click the image to learn more, or see our catalog.

Student award photo recognition frame

The student spotlight frames are made to recognize student achievements throughout the school for all to see. Simply write in the student name and add an image. They are completely customized with your mascot, school name and any other information you want. Receive the digital files to print your own at 8.5"x11". Or order durable laminated plastic (styrene) posters from us at 24"x 36" and place an 8.5"x11" image.


PBIS poster

This PBIS poster welcomes students and tells them what it's like to be part of the eagle community.

SOAR Pledge Poster PBIS

Meet your student testing (PBIS survey) requirements with greater ease by using a pledge to make your PBIS theme easier to remember.


Eagle Matrix Poster

Use our matrix template to get started with your PBIS program. Click the matrix (below) to download the editable word document. Customize it with your own expectations, then send it back to us, and we'll bring it to life with engaging illustrations of your mascot visual demonstrating the behaviors.

SOAR Theme Matrix

Download an editable Word doc version of this SOAR Matrix. It is a great place to start developing a positive behavior or character trait education program. Feel free to edit and make changes, then let us bring it to life for you in beautiful color, and featuring illustrations of your mascot.

Rules 1

PBIS Posters Restroom Rules Eagle

Use this restroom rules poster to teach students how to be respectful, responsible and safe when using the bathroom.

PBIS Posters Playground Rules Eagle

Make the playground a fun and safe place for students. Use this PBIS rules poster to remind students how to be safe, respectful and responsible while playing on the playground.

PBIS Posters Pick Up Rules Eagle

Reinforce safety in the school pick-up and drop-off area by posting this PBIS rules poster where students and drivers can see it.

PBIS Posters Library Rules Eagle

Keep students informed of rules related to safety, respect and responsibility while in the library with this PBIS poster.

PBIS Posters Hallway Rules Eagle

Use this hallway rules poster to teach students how to be safe, show respect and demonstrate responsibility whenever they are in the hallways.

PBIS Posters Computer Lab Rules Eagle

Meet PBIS requirements by posting these PBIS rules Posters in 8 of 10 areas throughout your school.

PBIS Posters Classroom Rules Eagle

Post this classroom rules poster in each classroom to teach student how to be safe, and demonstrate respect and responsibility in the classroom.

PBIS Posters Cafeteria Rules Eagle

Post this cafeteria rules poster in your school cafeteria to teach students behavioral expectations related to safety, respect and responsibility.

PBIS Posters Bus Rules Eagle

Use this PBIS Posters to teach students bus safety and behavioral expectations.

PBIS Posters Assembly Rules Eagle

Use this PBIS rules poster for school assemblies to teach students proper behavior during a school assembly.

PBIS Posters Bee Theme

Use these Be posters to reinforce your PBIS theme. Each one targets a specific behavioral expectation or character trait, and features your mascot visually demonstrating what it looks like.

Rules 2

PBIS Posters Rules Expectations Eagles

Meet your PBIS posting requirements of posting your rules in at least 8 areas of your school with our rule posters. We customize each poster with the rules, or expectations from your matrix.

Eagle Posters PBIS School


PBIS Banner Eagle

Go big with a large welcome banner that tells students what it's like to be part of the eagle community, have eagle friends, do things the eagle way, and why every day is a GREAT day to be an eagle!

PBIS Theme Banner

Post a large banner that features your PBIS theme prominently.

Jumbo Banner Printing PBIS

Go big with your PBIS theme with a 50 foot by 10 foot jumbo banner.

Customizable Eagle SOAR Banner with children


Street Signs


Get a set of 26 hallway street signs to create a strong sense of community within your school. Use some signs to identify different rooms and others to reinforce your PBIS program.

A-Frame Signs

PBIS SOAR Eagle A-frame Sign

These A-Frame signs are easy to customize daily with dry-erase markers to tell everyone about daily activities and welcome guests for special events. Many school have us print their rules for the pick-up and drop-off areas, so they can put the important safety information on the sidewalk, close to drivers, and right in the middle of sidewalks, and pedestrian traffic areas for students.


Gotcha Reward Wallet PBI

Use this Gotcha Reward Wallet to teach kids how to manage money and be responsible.


Download The Eagle's Story

This story is a good example of how a mascot-centric culture can be used to create a positive learning environment. Feel free to share this story, and customize it with a different mascot.

This story is a good example of how a mascot-centric culture
can be used to create a positive learning environment. Feel free
to share this story, and customize it with a different mascot.


Great prices on top quality t-shirts

Eagles T-shirt Design

Get t-shirts that integrate your PBIS theme with your mascot. Some schools get a different color t-shirt for each grade. We custom design, print and deliver t-shirt right to your doorstep at very competitive prices. Call 816-916-1377 for a quote, or e-mail info@mascotjunction.com.