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Dave Thompson, the artist behind Toons4Biz.

Dave Thompson, the artist behind Mascot Junction.

Creating Positive School Climates

When you think of all the less-than-stellar examples children are exposed to at home, on TV, and through video games, it’s critical that we surround these young minds with positive examples in the one place we can – schools.

We help elementary schools create what we call a “mascot-centric” climate, where their school mascot is used as a role model to visually demonstrate what positive behavior looks like in a school setting.

On the first day of school, little Johnny, or Suzy, is told “Congratulations, you are now a tiger, eagle, bear (or whatever their mascot is), and as such, you now have tiger friends, and are part of a tiger community. We have tiger rules, and a tiger way of doing things. So when it comes time to make a decision, ask yourself ‘how would a tiger do it?’ and you will make a good decision, and get good results. Every day is a GREAT day to be a tiger!”

That is the essence of how a mascot-centric school climate works.

The instant a child says “I am a tiger,” it helps mold part of their self-image, and that affords educators with an incredible opportunity to influence their behavior, because it’s human nature to act consistently with one’s self-image. When you own the tiger, you own valuable real estate in the child’s mind. Control the tiger – control the child.

We provide schools with posters, banners, street signs, t-shirts, coloring sheets and clipart sets, custom designed around their mascot, to bring the culture to life and create a positive school climate.

Help us make the world a better place, one positive example at-a-time!


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