About Us

Dave Thompson, the artist behind Toons4Biz.

Dave Thompson, the artist behind Mascot Junction.

Creating Positive School Cultures

We help elementary schools create what we call a “mascot-centric” culture, where their school mascot is used as a role model to visually demonstrate what positive behavior looks like in a school setting.

On the first day of school, little Johnny, or Suzy, is told “Congratulations, you are now a tiger, (or whatever their mascot is), and as such, you now have tiger friends, and are part of our tiger community. We have tiger rules, and a tiger way of doing things. So when it comes time to make a decision, ask yourself ‘What would a tiger do ?’ and you will make a good decision, and get good results. Every day is a GREAT day to be a tiger!”

That is the essence of how a mascot-centric school culture works.

The instant a child says “I am a tiger,” it helps mold part of their self-image, and that affords educators with an incredible opportunity to influence their behavior, because it’s human nature to act consistently with one’s self-image. When you own the tiger, you own valuable real estate in the child’s mind. Control the tiger - control the child.

We provide schools with posters, banners, signs, coloring sheets and clipart sets, custom designed around their mascot, to create a highly engaging and inclusive school climate.

Help us make the world a better place, one positive example at-a-time!