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Orca Mascot For Elementary Schools

Our new Orca Mascot has 80 clip art illustrations, as part of his PBIS Roll Out Kit. Kits include posters, banners, t-shirts, gotcha rewards, coloring sheets and a large library of clip art images. The Standard Clip Art set features 40 illustrations of the Orca doing activities related to school, sports and holidays. It’s ideal for yearbook design, bulletins, newsletters, worksheets and every day reminders of what it means to be part of the Orca community. The Behavior Clip Art Set features 40 illustrations of the Orca mascot demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety, tolerance, anti-bullying, kindness, and much more. See all the Orca mascot clip art images here!

Orca Killer Whale Mascot Clip Art PBIS

Our Orca Killer Whale mascot is designed to be kid-friendly so elementary schools can use his clip art images to teach positive behavior and develop a sense of community around being an Orca.

Mascot Junction’s PBIS Roll Out Kits are designed to help educators create a positive learning climate, and a strong sense of community. We make it mean something special to be part of the Orca Pod. As part of the community, kids have Orca friends; they have Orca rules and an Orca way of doing things. When it comes time to make a decision, they can think of what an Orca would do, so they make a good decision, get good results and end up having a good time. It’s a formula for success.

When a child walks into school, they bring their “bag of tricks” with them. It’s full of the examples they’ve learned, and decision making tools they have at their disposal. In most cases, the number of tricks in the bag are relatively limited. The kids are young, after all. In too many cases, the tricks are not necessarily the “best” example either. By taking a pro-active approach, educators can pre-load their bag of tricks with “good examples” and “things that work.” When the child comes to a decision point, they tend to reach in a pull something off the top. By putting positive examples in easy reach – putting them in the top of the bag, or “top-of-mind,” we are setting them up for success.

Using your mascot to create a sense of community around the mascot culture is very effective. Children readily gravitate towards their mascot. It’s fun and engaging. The emotional incentives for being part of the group, and enjoying success as part of the group are hard-wired. Our PBIS Roll Out Kits are designed to help you develop a mascot-centric climate so you can leverage your mascot as a powerful teaching tool. Explore our site and learn more about how a mascot-centric climate can help your school.