Cookie Quest™ Sensory Paths

Cookie Quest 1
Cookie Quest Sensory Path Sticker set includes arrows, actions, a tight rope and individual letters forming a keyboard.
Cookie Quest 2
Cookie Quest 2 features a finger maze wall sticker in addition to cookie shaped arrows, feet, hands and exercise actions
Candy Rope Quest Sensory Path
Candy Rope Quest sensory path stickers form a rope bridge and each plank features your school mascot demonstrating targeted positive behaviors of your PBIS program.

Customized with your mascot so the sensory path integrates with, and supports, your school's culture. The Candy Rope Quest even lets you include your PBIS theme like "ROAR, SOAR, PRIDE, PAWS" and the related positive behaviors.

Buy all three to create huge path in a large area, or purchase individually to fit smaller spaces.

Finger Maze Cake
Cookie Sticker Example 1
Cookie Sticker Example 2
Candy Rope Quest Bridge2
Candy Rope Quest Bridge1