District Wide PBIS Roll Out Kits

Let Mascot Junction help you deploy your PBIS program across every school in your district with consistent messaging and graphics.

  • Be consistent across every school
  • Rely on a vendor that understands PBIS
  • Streamline management of PBIS roll-out with a single source provider
  • Help each school launch more quickly and effectively
  • Make your PBIS programs more engaging with mascot-centric messaging
  • Get buy-in from staff and students with greater ease
  • Choose from education's most robust PBIS product offering: posters, banners, signs & more!

Whether you want every school to use the exact same theme/messaging, or if you want each school to use their own, we can deliver.

Everything is custom designed for you to include the school's  PBIS theme (acronym), rules/expectations, matrix, school colors and mascot. Our design templates ensure consistency from school-to-school.

Our kid-friendly mascots are ideal for elementary schools, and we have more graphic/edgy logos and mascots for older students in middle and high school. We are also glad to work with your existing mascot or logo.

Choose from Bundles of $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 or $5,000, and feel free to swap out items of equal value to ensure each school gets exactly what they need. Or, if your district needs a truly customized district-wide set of solutions, let us know and we'll create a proposal specifically for your district.

We are an authorized vendor for many school districts across the country, and if we are not yet authorized for your district, we will fill out the appropriate application paperwork within 24 hours to expedite the process. You can also download our Vendor Set-up Kit, which includes our W-9 at this link: Vendor Set-up Kit Download