Mascot Clipart

Each mascot has its own clipart set featuring 50+ illustrations. Find your mascot, then its clipart set by clicking here.

Mascot Clipart

Sample shown features our Lion, but you can choose from hundreds of other kid-friendly mascots.

Lion Mascot Clipart

Lion Mascot Clipart Set includes 50 illustrations of the lion mascot.

Graphic Clipart

Shield Graphic Logo

Everything is customized with your graphic, your letters, your words, your colors. These graphics are great for t-shirts, awards, bulletins, posters, banners, web sites, yearbook design and many other applications.

Broncos Mascot Graphic Clip Art

The Graphic Clipart Set is for schools that already have a logo or graphic they want to use, instead of one of our cartoon mascots, and the clipart set incorporates that design element into 50 different graphics representing a wide array of clubs, activities, sports, positive behaviors and character traits commonly taught in schools.