Star Mascot

PBIS Posters Star Mascot Clip ArtThe star mascot comes in two clipart sets. The Standard Clipart Set includes 50 illustrations of the cartoon star character doing a variety of school related activities. The Behavior Clipart Set features the star mascot demonstrating a variety of positive behaviors, and is ideal for promoting a school's PBIS program.

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Clip Art Sets

Use the star mascot standard clipart set for yearbook design, t-shirts, posters, bulletins and a variety of school related communications. The star mascot standard clipart set features illustrations of the mascot doing various school and sport related activities.

Use the star mascot Standard Clip Art Set for yearbook design, t-shirts, posters, bulletins and a variety of school related communications.

PBIS graphics

Positive behavior clip art illustrations teach students about respect, diversity, anti-bullying, safety, kindness, and more.

Rule Posters

Style 2 - Stacked Acronym. Make your PBIS acronym really pop with this style of rule poster. Everything is customized with your words and school name & colors.

Rules Poster Style 1 - Standard. This versatile design is very flexible and accommodates virtually any PBIS theme and rules.

PBIS Rules Poster Design Template

Rules Posters, Style 3 - Scroll & Banner: These rules posters look like a bulletin board and feature your rules on a scroll, along with a feature illustration showing what positive behavior looks like in each part of the school.

PBIS Rule Posters Banners

Custom Rule Posters: Give us your rules and we'll design custom posters and banners per your instructions.


School climate poster

Welcome Poster: Teach students what it means to be part of your school's community, and how to make good decisions so they can enjoy social success.

Pledge poster PBIS school

Pledge Poster: If your school has a pledge, feature it in a poster for all to see, and to make it easy to repeat, and learn.

Voice Level Posters School

Voice Level Posters: Appropriate voice levels can be an important part of your school's PBIS program, and behavior expectations. Use posters like this to educate students on what appropriate voice levels are.


Matrix Posters/Banners: Let us bring your matrix to life with illustrations of the star demonstrating what positive behavior looks like in different parts of your school. This is customized to match your matrix.


Welcome Banners: Make it mean something special to be a STAR at your school. This banner is also available as a poster.

Theme Banners: These are customized with your words, your theme, your colors and your mascot.

Custom Designed Banners: Let our talented team of designers bring your ideas to life with custom designs. Just sketch out your idea, or describe it to us. We'll take care of the rest!


Sidewalk sign school safety

A-Frame signs are excellent for posting safety rules for the pick-up and drop-off areas for your school. The other side features a dry-erase surface so it can be used to welcome guest during special events.

Hallway Street Signs For School

Hallway Street Signs: Create a very engaging school climate with hallway street signs that reflect your core values and feature your mascot.

Coloring Sheets

PBIS coloring sheets

Coloring sheets: One for each rule poster, or area of your school. These activity sheets do not have the rules in them so you can have the students write them in as part of a learning exercise.

Clip Chart

Clip Chart Super Star Behavior

The Super Star Clip Chart is a stock item. Order now and get yours fast. Call 816-916-1377 or e-mail for more information.


Use 45 Award Certificate templates (Powerpoint) to reward students for everything from honor roll, to perfect attendance, demonstrating respect and a wide array of positive behaviors. Click the image to learn more, or see our catalog.

Star Reward Cash

Print your own Gotcha Rewards using our template (pdf). Download your FREE template and get started today!

student award recognition photo marquee

Photo Marquee: 24" x 36" dry-erase poster features a place for an 8.5" x 11" photo of The Student Of The Month, or whatever other type of recognition you want to give the student.