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Star Mascot

PBIS Posters Star Mascot Clip ArtThe star mascot comes in two clipart sets. The Standard Clipart Set includes 50 illustrations of the cartoon star character doing a variety of school related activities. The Behavior Clipart Set features the star mascot demonstrating a variety of positive behaviors, and is ideal for promoting a school's PBIS program.

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Clip Chart

Clip Chart Super Star Behavior

The Super Star Clip Chart is a stock item. Order now and get yours fast. Call 816-916-1377 or e-mail for more information.

Clip Art Sets

Use the star mascot standard clipart set for yearbook design, t-shirts, posters, bulletins and a variety of school related communications. The star mascot standard clipart set features illustrations of the mascot doing various school and sport related activities.

Use the star mascot Standard Clipart Set for yearbook design, t-shirts, posters, bulletins and a variety of school related communications.

PBIS graphics

Positive behavior clip art illustrations teach students about respect, diversity, anti-bullying, safety, kindness, and more.


Use 45 Award Certificate templates (Powerpoint) to reward students for everything from honor roll, to perfect attendance, demonstrating respect and a wide array of positive behaviors. Click the image to learn more, or see our catalog.

Star Reward Cash

Print your own mascot money using our template (pdf). Download your FREE template and get started today!


Teach students how to be responsible with money, and learn organizational skills with a Gotcha Reward Wallet Pack. Each Pack includes three wallet designs, and five gotcha reward (mascot money) templates - one for each of the denominations: $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50. Wallets and dollar bills feature your school mascot, and are set up for convenient printing on letter-sized sheets of paper. The wallets are designed to be colored and customized. The student writes their name in a space on the outside of the wallet. On the inside, there is room for them to fill out an identity card with information like their address and phone number. Six charge card spaces are allotted for writing in the behaviors of your school's PBIS program, and/or your PBIS theme or motto.

Gotcha Reward Wallet PBI

Use this Gotcha Reward Wallet to teach kids how to manage money and be responsible.