Word Cloud

Ideal for schools that want to feature a different core value each month, and teach students the deeper meaning behind each term. If you don’t see a Word Cloud Poster for the word you want, just let us know. We’re glad to customize these for you.

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These proprietary poster designs are carefully crafted to do several strategic tasks:

First, make the student adapt themselves into the mascot’s community, with the phrase “I am a Bronco.” Secondly, associate the core value with being part of that group with “therefore I am.” The synonyms are used to expand their understanding of the core value. Each poster also features the mascot demonstrating the core value as an at-a-glance reminder of the concepts.

The Two Most Powerful Words in the World
There is a science behind stating an affirmation in such a way to get the best results - true transformation. People often start their affirmation with “I will,” or “I want” or “I can,” but none of those work as well as “I am,” and here’s why:

“I will” is just a promise to do something in the future. It has procrastination built into it. A lot of good intentions die a withering death waiting for the day you’ll finally get around to it.

“I want” is better because it appeals to the emotion of desire, which can be powerful, but in reality, a lot of wants go unfulfilled.

“I can” is empowering because it acknowledges your ability to accomplish something, but that just removed one roadblock. It doesn’t complete the journey.

Only “I am” transports you mentally to a point of completion, in the here and now. It’s a strong proclamation of ownership as opposed to a wishy-washy hope and a dream of something somewhere over the horizon, in a place not yet seen.