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Bear Mascot

PBIS Posters Adult Black Bear Mascot Clip Art

This bear mascot was designed to teach elementary students about positive behavior and support character trait education programs. The bear mascot has its own Climate Transformation Roll Out Kit that includes posters, banners, rewards and other visual aids that are customized to your school's program.

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Clip Art

The STANDARD Clip Art Collection features the black bear mascot participating in activities related to every day school life, sports and holidays. Use the clip art for year book design, newsletters, bulletins and other school related communications.


We are currently working on the behavior clip art set for the black bear, showing him demonstrating positive behavior like respect, responsibility, diversity, anti-bullying and more. See our catalog to see samples of these behavior clip art illustrations.


Download this bear buck reward template to reward students for demonstrating positive behavior in your school. Download Gotcha Reward Template here!


Gotcha Reward template features the black bear mascot and has six rewards per page. Custom Gotcha Rewards also available featuring your school's PBIS theme and a cut-off tracking slip.


Choose from two types of Student Recognition Marquees. Small Marquees are letter-sized PowerPoint templates that you can easily customize with the students name and photo, then print yourself. Large Marquees are 24" x 30", printed on laminated vinyl and you use dry-erase markers to write the student's name, and you adhere an 8" x 10" photo of the student on the space allotted in the poster.

PBIS Award Certificate Templates

Use 45 Award Certificate templates (Powerpoint) to reward students for everything from honor roll, to perfect attendance, demonstrating respect and a wide array of positive behaviors. Click the image to learn more, or see our catalog.


Create a school culture around being part of your school's bear community with these welcome posters and banners. It's all part of our School Culture Creation Kits. Everything is customized with your mascot just for your school.

PBIS Poster Black Bear Mascot

Teach students the benefits of being part of your bear community, and how to make good decisions with this welcome poster.


Black Bear Welcome Banner PBIS

Welcome students with a message about what it means to be part of your bear community.


Sidewalk Sign PBIS Black Bear

These A-Frame signs are easy to customize daily with dry-erase markers to tell everyone about daily activities and welcome guests for special events. Many school have us print their rules for the pick-up and drop-off areas, so they can put the important safety information on the sidewalk, close to drivers, and right in the middle of sidewalks, and pedestrian traffic areas for students.

Street Signs Hallway School Hawk

Use hallway street signs to create a strong sense of community in your school


Teach students how to be responsible with money, and learn organizational skills with a Gotcha Reward Wallet Pack. Each Pack includes three wallet designs, and five gotcha reward (mascot money) templates - one for each of the denominations: $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50. Wallets and dollar bills feature your school mascot, and are set up for convenient printing on letter-sized sheets of paper. The wallets are designed to be colored and customized. The student writes their name in a space on the outside of the wallet. On the inside, there is room for them to fill out an identity card with information like their address and phone number. Six charge card spaces are allotted for writing in the behaviors of your school's PBIS program, and/or your PBIS theme or motto.

Gotcha Reward Wallet PBI

Use this Gotcha Reward Wallet to teach kids how to manage money and be responsible.



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