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New Stuff

New products shown here might not be in the catalog yet, nor shown on your mascot’s page, but they are readily available for you. Just ask. Call 816-916-1377 or e-mail

Our new owl mascot has 80 illustrations in both its clip art sets. Click here to see all 80.
Owl Mascot Clip Art Behavior Set

Blue Jay Behavior Clip Art

The Blue Jay Behavior Clip Art set features 40 illustrations of the blue jay mascot demonstrating positive behavior for PBIS schools.

School Logo Rules Posters

If you want to use YOUR logo instead of one of our mascots – no problem! We can use illustrations of students to visually demonstrate the positive behaviors in your rules posters, banners and other products.

Rules Posters Grizzly Mascot

Rules posters are customized with your rules and school colors.

Horse Mascot Catalog

If you’d rather have a more graphic looking mascot/logo, instead of our kid-friendly cartoon-style mascots, check out our new catalog. Click the image for more info.

Bronco Colt Mascot Graphic Logo

We are coming out with more “graphic-style” mascots/logo designs. These are more for high school and middle and schools. This horse will be used as a bronco, stallion, maverick, colt and charger. Each will come with a variety of clip art images, like this sample, and will be available in a variety of popular school color combinations. Call for more details if you want something similar for your school.

Rules Posters PBIS Expectations

Rules posters for PBIS schools are customized with your school mascot and the rules, or expectations from your PBIS program.

School Banner Design

Go big with a banner that showcases a key message to your students. We customize these banners with your mascot, school name, PBIS theme and message. Ask for Design Style C1

Vertical Banners

These vertical banners are ideal for the columns in a school cafeteria. Each one represents a different positive behavior expectation. Design Style V1

PBIS Super Hero Clip Art

If a super hero is part of your PBIS program, we can customize the color of his uniform, and put your school initials on his chest. 80 clip art illustrations coming soon!

Award Certificates PBIS

Gotcha Reward Wallet PBI

Wallets For Gotcha Rewards