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PBIS Rules Posters & Banners are customized with your words, your colors and your mascot/logo.


PBIS Matrix Posters & Banners


Welcome Posters PBIS Character Education

Welcome posters feature a carefully crafted message telling students what it means to be part of the school's community.


PBIS Theme Acronym Posters

Theme Posters are customized with your acronym/theme, colors and mascot/logo.


Remind students of their role in your schools community with some sort of pledge. Each are customized with your wording, or you can use ours.

Voice Levels

Voice Level Posters PBIS Mascot Junction

Voice Level posters can feature hand signals by your mascot, by human hand, or children demonstrating the voice levels. Each is customized with your words, colors and logo/mascot.

Word Clouds

Word Cloud posters feature an array of synonyms that can be used to discuss the various meanings of each character trait.


Anti Bullying Posters

Use your mascot to create a strong sense of community that does not permit bullying.

Calm Down

Calm Down Posters Mascot Junction

Teach students a simple method to calm down with these posters; and make the technique part of your school's culture by making it your mascots' way of dealing with stress.


Emotional Learning Posters

Describing complex emotions can be difficult for kids, but pointing at pictures to identify how you feel is easy. That's the idea behind these emotional learning posters.

Feel Good

Feel Good Posters Mascot Junction

Tap into the emotional reward associated with being part of your mascot/school's community with Feel Good posters.

What Would

What Would Mascot Do Posters

Get kids to think in terms of the community norms and expectations you set in place with the school culture.

Super Powers

Super Power Posters School Mascot

Factoids like “My brain fires 20 million billion times every second,” help students realize their incredible potential.

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands Posters School Mascot

Perfect for restrooms. These posters are also available as oval shaped wall stickers in three sizes: 7", 10" and 12"

Clean & Healthy

Clean Healthy Safety Guidelines Schools

Use your mascot to teach students how to fight germs and stay healthy and safe with these posters.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Distance Posters

You can download a free digital version of these posters by clicking on the image. Or printed posters are also available for sale.

Covid Safe Entry

Safe Entry Guideline Window Perfs

Durable window perf adheres to outside of glass.

Sensory Paths
Mascot Tools